Six Sentence Sunday – The Game Result

 Last week Rebecca was sure that this year was going to be lucky for them.  Looks like she was right.  But do you think this is going to be lucky for her?

Just before she left she put her long, strawberry blonde hair into a high ponytail and briefly admired her green eyes and pale skin in the mirror. Her outfit was perfect, a short black dress made of jersey material with hot pink leggings. She was positive that Adam would notice her tonight.

The Springfield Warriors played their way to victory and Rebecca got it all on film; from the opening play to the Gatorade dunking at the end, it was all there in her camera.

Before she knew what was happening Adam ran up to her and kissed her right on the mouth. He yelled, “This girl is our lucky charm!” 


You can get Rebecca’s whole story on paperback and e-book here!


7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – The Game Result”

  1. Sorry, I’m off topic, but I’ve recently been following a blog where the author is posting a (very) short story each day for a month. Thought you might be interested. Link.


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