Six Sentence Sunday – Introducing Paisley Tines!

After I introduced you to Aiden last week I told you that Paisley and her friends needed a break, and it’s true!  They are worn out from all the love they’ve been getting over the last few weeks.

Now, Paisley has been chomping at the bit to get her chance in the limelight and she’s delighted to finally get her chance.  Just remember, she’s 14 so she may not seem excited, but she really is.


It was a hot August day and Paisley Tines was lying on her neatly made bed. “I’m going to die of boredom!” Paisley thought to herself. “Mom, there’s nothing to do!” she shouted from her room.

“Well, you could start by getting out of bed,” Mom said reasonably as she walked into Paisley’s room.

Stay tuned next week to see what Paisley does to cure her boredom. And keep an eye out for her complete story on Amazon coming in September 2012!


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