Six Sentence Sunday – All in the eye of the beholder

Last week we met Paisley Tines for the first time.  If you recall, she was bored out of her mind and her mom offered a fairly shrewd suggestion and she’s about to offer another one. Mom is definitely not someone you want to mess  around with!

I often had a similar attitude to Paisley when I was 14. One completed task meant the entire job was done.

“And while you’re at it, you could pick up your room.”  Mom looked around the room and noticed the pizza box she had been looking for yesterday, dirty clothes shoved under the bed, and what looked suspiciously like a nail-polish spill on the dresser.

“But I did clean my room! Look!” Paisley declared as she sprung off her bed and gestured to how neatly it was made. “I even washed my bedspread!”

Did you ever make similar statements to your parents as a teen? And keep an eye out for Paisley’s whole story, “Paisley Tines: Grade Nine,” in September!


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