Fear was at the heart of a lot of decisions in our most recent election.

If you can, try to understand where your neighbor is coming from. Only when we prove ourself to be listeners can we hope to see positive change.

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I swore I would never pull the lever for Donald Trump for all the veiled reasons Meryl Streep laid out for us …in her seven thousandth acceptance speech …where she sets us straight on a few things. Thanks Meryl. Please send me some tips on what to have for breakfast …I need your opinion on my everything in my life. Anyway …

I have a special needs daughter and I work with veterans. Mr Trump disparaged both of those groups during his campaign. And it kind of took my breath away.

I kept wondering why people stayed with him. But I watched …and listened. I had discussions and tried to steer clear of arguments. I took it all in. And by the time he won, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

I’m still not telling anyone who I voted for (or if I even voted at all). But Mr Trump’s…

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