About Rachel

This blog has really been through so many incarnations as I’ve become acquainted with myself and grown into new roles that I struggle to know what to say about myself here.

My husband, N, and I are parents to two delightful little girls. E is two years old and is (to put it mildly) a little spitfire. A is 1 year old and is probably the most laid back human being I’ve ever met. My writing regularly reflects the challenges of being a working mom with young children, navigating career transitions, and trying to keep a positive outlook.

As a graduate student, much of my writing also reflects the need to have really effective time management skills.

I am privileged to participate inΒ #LinkYourLife every week on Twitter & Facebook. It is an incredible, non-competitive, group of writers and artists who support each other through “this journey we call life.”

I also dabble in fiction and you can find me on Amazon.


19 thoughts on “About Rachel”

      1. It does appear to be so! It’s nice to know that we aren’t alone and have fellow creative people among us, especially in Minnesota. It just makes it that much more awesome. πŸ˜‰


  1. Hi,

    Very cool Bio, Rachel :). Us Trekkies, Pink Floyd lovers, not to mention feminists, writers and believers in equality, have to stick together. The world would be insane without us lol.

    I look forward to getting to know your work. Subscribed!




  2. HI Rachel,
    I saw your post and feels that you are a good writer, I enjoy with your posts. Keep continue posting …………


  3. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning. I’m happy to be here. I’ve been blogging here at WP for about year but recently let go of the blog I’d been working on to spread my wings. I started this new blog this month…the one you visited. I hope you’ll come back. I’m your newest follower so I’ll definitely be back. πŸ™‚
    Take care,


          1. November seems to be a weird month for a lot of writers to be perfectly honest. there is nothing wrong with that, and it does not at all take away from you being a kick ass woman.

            It just means your human. ❀

            Liked by 1 person

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