Illustrate Your Story

“Mama, look at my picture!” A sweet little face is looking for your approval, and you’re delighted to give it.

You look at the picture, sure you’ll see a masterpiece. Certainly, there will be at least one thing you can pick out. “You’re getting really good at drawing birds!” you’ll enthuse.

But there is nothing. Not a single thing you can pick out. Crestfallen you have to ask, “What is this a picture of, sweetie?”

Your little one looks so sad, but rallies as she explains what she has drawn.

If this scenario is all to familiar, jump on board with “Illustrate Your Story”! Each page has part of the story and your child can illustrate it however she wants.

Keep checking back to each tale, as more gets added and resources to help you learn about the places your child is drawing.

Share your illustrations with me via email: or on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #IllustrateYourStory


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