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Leading Lady

What a week it’s been! I was privileged to be the recipient of the “Metromorphosis” Award at work for leading with patience, perseverance, and good humor in the midst of change. Suddenly I find myself being reminded almost daily that I’m the most senior member of the team and it is both gratifying and uncomfortable. I guess you just rub long with these two feelings as well as you can.

The semester ends next week and I am excited to be sharing one of my projects! We are traveling to Utah to visit my family, so next week will probably be another quote and then you’ll get a “real” post.

I’d also like to invite you over to The Relationship Blogger to talk about spoons.


Women in Leadership

Yesterday I wrote about the Slut Walk movement and why it’s important to woman across the globe.  If you didn’t guess by reading that particular piece I’m a feminist.  I believe that every single person, regardless of their sex or gender identity, deserves equal rights, responsibilites, and opportunity.  And this particular morning I’m proud to be a feminist of Danish descent. Early this morning the BBC reported that Helle Thorning-Schmidt has been elected to be the Prime Minister of Denmark. She is the first woman to have ever been elected to that position in Denmark.

Despite this exciting news, there are some attitudes surrounding it that are troubling to me.  Indeed, I’m sure that these attitudes are troubling to a lot of feminists. The former Prime Minister, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, congratulated Thorning-Schmidt.  However, he also had this to say. “Tonight I hand over the keys to the prime minister’s office to Helle Thorning-Schmidt. And dear Helle, take good care of them. You’re only borrowing them.”

Dear readers, I have to admit, when I read that comment it was all I could to to keep my snarky comment in my head. Rasmussen’s comment came across to me as extremely sexist.  That perhaps the good people of Denmark were confused when the elected a woman who ran on a platform of raising taxes and increases in public spending.

*side note: can you imagine anyone in the U.S. getting elected on that platform?*

While Thorning-Schmidt didn’t exactly win by a landslide, Rasmussen is saying that 92 of 179 parlimentary seats are “confused” about what’s best for the nation.

You may not identify as a feminist, and that’s okay. What is critical is for people everywhere to understand is that while people have different hormone levels or reproductive organs those differences should not translate into different rights, responsibilites, or opportunities.