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This past Tuesday we were fortunate to go “up north” to Nateanite’s family cabin. E and I spent way too much time in the lake, particularly for the amount of sunblock we had on (thankfully the girls didn’t get burned).

As I’ve moved through this parenthood journey I have looked forward to the lazy days of summer with mixed feelings. But this photo of E during out boat ride (we even got to do a water rescue and pretend to be Zuma!) captures the beauty of these “lazy” days.

July 7 Photo


Summer Fun!

I was so inspired by Bella’s posts about summer that I knew I had to write my own.

That, and I am so sick of homework that I am ready to pull my own (beautiful) hair out.

Several weeks ago I reported that I was starting to garden on my balcony. The past month has been both happy and sad.  Some plants (the herbs) did not make it.  Others, like peas, carrots, and cucumbers are beginning to sprout!  It is with this in mind that I present to you the changes in my little garden.

There are seven strawberries forming currently!
No blueberries yet, but this little bush is definitely showing some promise.
Growing here are lettuce, spinach, petunias, marigolds, violas, and cucumbers!
And here we have peas, geraniums, carrots, marigolds, and cucumbers.

In the spirit of Bella’s challenge to show our friends a little bit of our neighborhood, here are a few things I see in my everyday life.

This is the view from my balcony


The desk that I am chained to during this glorious summer weather

And finally, Merigold (the cat) and Francis (the turtle)